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Spinal Cord Injury Sports & Recreation Organizations

These charities and organizations offer a variety of sports and recreational activities for individuals with paraplegia, quadriplegia, traumatic brain injuries, and other spinal injuries. By participating in these programs, individuals can stay active, boost their physical health, and enjoy the positive impacts of engaging in sports. Here are the top ten sports-related charities and organizations dedicated to assisting people with spinal cord injuries:

Focus: Supporting athletes with physical disabilities, including those with spinal cord injuries, by providing grants for adaptive sports equipment and competition expenses.

Notable Work: Hosts annual events like the CAF Community Challenge to raise funds and awareness.

Focus: Using action sports, specifically adaptive surfing and skating, to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities.

Notable Work: Organizes events such as “They Will Surf Again” and “They Will Skate Again” to enable participation in sports.

Focus: Providing sports wheelchairs to people with disabilities, including SCI -spinal cord injuries, to enable their participation in sports.

Notable Work: Distributes wheelchairs globally to improve accessibility to sports.

Focus: Supporting individuals with spinal cord injuries through wheelchair skills training, mentoring, and accessible outdoor adventure activities.

Notable Work: Organizes adaptive skiing and other adventure sports activities to promote independence and confidence.

Focus: Providing sports and recreation programs for children and adults with disabilities, including those with spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

Notable Work: Offers programs such as skiing, snowboarding, and golf to encourage physical activity and social interaction.

Focus: Promoting sports and physical activity for individuals with disabilities, including those with spinal cord injuries, through a network of community-based chapters.

Notable Work: Hosts national competitions and provides training for adaptive sports coaches.

Focus: Creating sports opportunities for children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities, including spinal cord injuries, in Southern California.

Notable Work: Organizes the annual Angel City Games, a multi-sport competition featuring track and field, wheelchair basketball, and other sports.

Focus: Providing adaptive sports programs for veterans with spinal cord injuries.

Notable Work: Offers events such as the National Veterans Wheelchair Games to promote physical fitness and camaraderie.

Focus: Offering adaptive sports programs for individuals with physical and visual disabilities, including those with spinal cord injuries.

Notable Work: Provides opportunities to participate in sports like wheelchair basketball, tennis, and rugby.

Focus: Supporting athletes who have sustained life-altering injuries, including spinal cord injuries, by providing grants for rehabilitation and adaptive sports equipment.

Notable Work: Helps injured athletes return to the sports they love through funding and community support.

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