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There are many charities that work hard to help people with spinal cord injuries. These charities stand out because they do a lot of good, reach many people, and are well-known in the community. They help by supporting research, offering rehab programs, and fighting for the rights of those injured. Here are ten of the best charities that make a big difference in the lives of people with spinal cord injuries, helping them live better and get the care they need.

Focus: Research for cures and improving the quality of life for those affected by paralysis.

Notable Work: Funding over $140 million in spinal cord injury research.

Focus: Research, rehabilitation, and support services for people with spinal cord injuries.

Notable Work: Largest private funder for spinal cord injury research in the U.S. and Canada.

Focus: Advocacy, resources, and support for people with spinal cord injuries and diseases.

Notable Work: Leading provider of programs and services to improve the quality of life.

Focus: Support, education, and campaigning for those affected by spinal cord injuries in the UK.

Notable Work: User-led organization providing comprehensive resources and advocacy.

Focus: Support and services for individuals with spinal cord injuries to achieve independence.

Notable Work: Providing wheelchair skills training, mentoring, and family support services.

Focus: Support for veterans and all individuals with spinal cord injuries or diseases.

Notable Work: Offering advocacy, research funding, and healthcare services.

Focus: Grants for spinal cord injury survivors to live more independent lives.

Notable Work: Providing adaptive equipment and funding for research.

Focus: Funding research, medical treatment, and technological advances toward a cure.

Notable Work: Supporting innovative projects and clinical trials.

Focus: Providing a web resource with videos and information for spinal cord injury patients and their families.

Notable Work: Featuring interviews and stories to offer support and education.

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